Gently Air Dried Jerky Treats

  • Do you use human grade ingredients in your air dried jerky?

    Yes, with exception of our beef esophagus, all ingredients in our air dried jerky are human grade quality.
  • How are your air dried jerky treats made?

    In our refrigerated kitchen, frozen RAW proteins are cut or blended into our dog treats. They are then placed into our air drying chamber. Once in the chamber, proteins are gently air dried at low temperatures helping to preserve fresh RAW whole food without having to add any additional ingredien...
  • Why is there a packet in your gently air-dried jerky treats?

    We’ve recently re-introduced our gently air-dried jerky lineup of treats, now in recyclable packaging. As part of the change, an oxygen absorber has been added inside every bag of our gently air-dried treats in order to absorb oxygen, moisture, and keep our treats fresh & pure. Our oxygen abs...